How to order an animated commercial?

You need a unique and catchy commercial? We offer an unusual option – an animated cartoon film! Get clear with your aim and set us the task. We’ll help you to fill in the brief to produce your animated video, write the script and help with promotion and postproduction(point towards marketing subtleties). Animated video creation demands your attentions and probably a piece of your heart.

Our Projects



Super Speed

Need a commercial in 4 days? That is easier than it seems! We’ll create and animate the characters in no time while your rivals watch their profit go away. So, just make up your mind with what you are interested in – 2D cartoons, 3D videos or flash–animation?

Creative Approach

We do not design clones. Our aim is to create a lively, interesting character who would surely leave a lasting impression. This is why all our animated commercials look different – there are always new characters there. Such videos stand out against other commercials all the time.


Experience matters! Ever since 2008 our animation studio has been produced more than 6000 video commercials. With our great experience and use of emerging trends in the production and marketing, you can get a unique video.


Multograd is a video and animated commercial studio. We have a fully integrated production: write for scripts,  draw frames, create authentic characters, make them speak, and do the overall voicework!

ANIMATED COMMERCIAL: • Traditional animation • 2D animation • 3D animation • Flash animation

VIDEO COMMERCIAL: • Video commercial featuring various actors • Animated video commercials • Video presentations

Contact Us

Contact Us

Animation studio and Multograd studio stage base in Russia, not far from Krasnodar. It doesn’t matter where you are from. We can easily get in touch if you have access to the Internet and landline or mobile phone. We’ll create something special for you  remotely just as well. We are often out making a new video commercial. Thus the simplest way to stay in touch is to call or e-mail us.


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